Monday, October 01, 2007

Asha's New House!!

My husband is the luckiest person in the world. Alot of the work he does is in fields that people don't regularly travel in and he came across a child's play cabin completely put together in the middle of one such field. The closest thing to it was the highway. He thinks that it must have blown off of someone's truck and landed in the field. Of course being the daddy that he is he took it apart and brought it home for his little girl who was instantly in love with her new house.

Here are some pictures of her enjoying her new house.
Daddy took this picture and did a really good job. I was really impressed with the pictures he took. Normally I'm the one behind the camera doing the picture taking.

She was just so excited. Can't you just see it in her face. She was beyond herself with joy.

Here she is peaking out of the roof daddy made for her. The roof that was on it was just a mesh thing that was beyond gross so he threw it away.

When asked if she wanted to go back upstairs she said "NO" and ran back in her house to play some more. We've been spending alot of time her not yet complete play room since the house arrived.


L L (skyangel) said...

Love her new digs!!1 What a wonderful find and a wonderful husband for bringing it home.

Muskie Mom said...

What a cool playhouse! I ran across your blog which was linked from another adoption blog. We, too, have an adopted daughter and are a transracial family. We also live in Wisconsin. I look forward to reading about your sweet family!