Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pumpkin Hunting!!

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch for the very first time today and we all had a great time. We did the corn maze and got lost. We never did find the exit so we went back out through the entrance.

After that we went for a horse drawn wagon ride to get our pumpkins. Asha took a very long time trying to find the "right" pumpkin. We would show her one and she would come over by us and we would say "do you want to take this one home?" and she would say "no" and walk away. We did this for a while and she finally found a winner.

Here are the pictures of her adventure in pumpkin hunting.

This is Asha studying the pumpkin before giving her "no" vote on taking it home. She took choosing her pumpkin very seriously. This pumpkin was the winner. A perfect little pumpkin for the perfect little girl. Notice the serious face. Pumpkin hunting is a very serious thing.It was hard work looking for and carrying that pumpkin. LOL She needed to rest so big brother got her a wagon and pulled her around. Doesn't she look exhausted?? LOLFinally home with the winning pumpkin. She was very iffy about letting us put her pumpkin on the front porch after all the hard work she did getting it.

In case any of you noticed that HUGE pumpkin in the wagon that is Dakota's pumpkin that he worked very hard at finding. It was so heavy it didn't even register on the scales. It was 30 + pounds and only cost us $5. He was very proud of himself for finding what he thinks is the biggest pumpkin they had. Here's a picture of him trying to carry it back to the wagon.We can't wait to see him carve it out tomorrow!! That should be a good show!

We also decorated Halloween cookies tonight and I will post pictures probably tomorrow. It was Asha's first time and she made a pretty big mess but had so much fun!!


Emily said...

Love the pumpking pictures! Looks like the kids had lots of fun!

L L (skyangel) said...

She looks positively pooped from that pumpkin hunting..but i can tell that she had a blast! And Dakota's pumpkin is HUGE!!!!

Muskie Mom said...

Great pictures--you guys had fun. Isn't it funny going to a pumpkin patch with shorts on in Wisconsin?

BlessedWithDaughters said...

I get such a kick out of how seriously she takes herself! She is definitely a little girl on a mission! Love it!