Friday, February 22, 2008

Florida Here We Come!!

I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited!!! A friend of mine has a daughter who auditioned to work at Disney World as one of the characters and she got hired. They are moving her down in a few weeks and have invited Asha and I to come with. My friend doesn't want to drive down by herself since her daughter will be in her own car and my friend is taking her son with who is Asha's age so they can play together. It is going to be sooooooooo much fun!! We get to go to Disney World!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been there since I was probably 9 or 10 I think.

March looks like it's going to be a great month!! I will make sure that I take LOTS of pictures and I will definately share them.

I haven't talked to my friend yet but I am hoping that on the way home we can stop and see Asha's birthmom if at all possible. Just a few hours to spend with her would be nice and for her to see Asha as well.

I just had to share the good news for the day!!!!!


Mindy said...

That sounds like just what the doctor ordered! What fun! I hope you get to see Asha's birthmom!

Marmee said...

I really have enjoyed reading your blog. We adopted 5 more in 2000 and one of our little ones is biracial. I just love how you do Asha's hair. Could you tell me how you learned?
Thanks so much!! Enjoy Florida!