Monday, February 25, 2008

Mamma D

Well Mamma D e-mailed me back and she is being so wonderful about the whole divorce thing. She said there is no need to apologize, which I did alot of, because she knows we didn't intend on this happening when we adopted Asha. She still loves us all and knows that we will be good parents to Asha. She is so wonderful and so understanding. She said she's not mad at us and that she has no reason to be mad. She said she was confused at first and didn't see it coming. Well no one did including me so I'm happy that I wasn't the only one in the dark.

I also have been e-mailing back and forth with her discussing stopping and seeing her and the kids on our way back from Orlando. My wonderful friend said it was no problem to stop and see them and she's actually excited to meet Mamma D. I hope we can make it all work out and meet at a park so the kids can play and we can visit for a few hours. I wish we had more time than a few hours but we all need to get home too. We will be gone for a week and my cat will need me and my friend's family will definately need her. I think by then Asha will be ready for home too.

On the moving front I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not having any luck finding a job in either places or a place to live down by my friend. I'm just scared and don't want to uproot Asha and then mess up or fail and take her with me. I really like where we live but I'm not having any luck finding a job here and it's 3 to 3 1/2 hours from where Asha's dad is moving so that makes it harder on everyone when it comes to visitation. I want all of this to affect Asha as little as possible so if we stay here she has to travel every other weekend 6 to 7 hours. All because her dad moved so far away. I am trying to put my faith in God and let him lead me where I need to go but I am a planner and I'm having a hard time Letting Go and Letting God. I need my life to be settled for my sake and Asha's.

I appreciate everyone's prayers and thoughts. You are all so wonderful to care about me and Asha.


L L (skyangel) said...

YAY!!! For the Florida trip and an extra bonus about getting to visit with Asha's birthfamily.

Best wishes on the job and moving quest! You are in my prayers!

So happy to hear that Mama D was "ok" about the divorce. Hugs!

Angel said...

WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? I am so sorry that you are facing a divorce. How heart breaking this must be. My heart truly goes out to you. I am grateful that Mama D was so understanding. Sending hugs your way. Angel