Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thank You!!

I just want to thank you all for the well wishes and the encouragement. I'm actually ALOT better than I was a month ago. Don't get me wrong it is still VERY hard but I'm not an emotional mess like I was. This weekend was hard because Asha spent the night at her dad's house. I was supposed to go out with some friends but the weather got too bad and I didn't want to drive in it so I was all alone at home. I did better than I thought I would but I really missed my little girl.

It was so good to see her when she got home today and she gave me the biggest cuddle/hug. She was very clingy all night and we cuddled on the couch more than normal. She sat with me for atleast an hour and she is a very busy girl and doesn't usually sit that much. She kept asking where her new house was and I had to tell her that this is our house and daddy and brother have a new house that she gets to go and visit.

It's so hard to have to tell that sweet little face such sad news. I never want to make her sad but she does miss her dad and brother and there's nothing I can do about it. She is confused and I know this week is going to be hard on her because she's never gone such a long time without seeing her brother. She is going to be waiting for him to come home from school every day like normal but he's never going to come home. She probably won't see him again now until Friday when I pick him up for an over nighter.

She's already regressed a little in her potty training. She didn't go at all at Josh's house and after he brought her home it took me probably 2 hours to get her to sit on her potty. It just may be too much for her right now which is a shame because she was doing so well this week.

I am trying to hold it together for her. I don't want her to see me cry anymore and to be sad. I am trying to just go day by day and enjoy her.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers they are GREATLY appreciated.


L L (skyangel) said...


I will continue to wrap you all in prayer!