Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gymnastics and Other Stuff

Asha and I are doing good. I am throwing around the idea of moving. We will still be in WI but moving a few hours away. A friend of mine really wants me to move down by her and it would take me closer to where I was born and my family so I am really thinking about it. It would also put Asha closer to more African American children which she doesn't have much of in our small town.

I must brag about my girl. She is AMAZING at gymnastics. I wish you all could watch her because she amazes her coach who has been doing this for probably over 10 years. She learned how to do a forward roll after only being shown twice, she did so well on the balance beam that they put down bean bags for her to practice stepping over and she did so well on that that they had her jumping over the bean bags and she didn't even fall off. They couldn't believe her balance. They also raised the bar so she could practice jumping up and flipping since she was doing so well just flipping.

Here she is before class starts just running around and being silly. She likes to copy the older girls who have a class the same time she does.

Here she is supposed to practicing keeping her legs straight. She loves the bars.

Asha is doing pretty well potty training now. She is a stinker though and won't go poo on the potty. She will literally get up off the potty and put her pullup back on and go in it so she knows when she has to go but will not do it in the potty. Any suggestions???

Here are some more pictures of my girl!! Gosh I do love her!!

Another fashion statement from my girl. She really does come up with some interesting outfits.

I love this picture. I got it tonight when she was laying on the couch by me. My camera loves her too.

I love this outfit on her. I had it on her today so I had to snap a picture. I got the shawl for a really good deal. I just couldn't pass it up. She just looks so good in it.

I will try to be better about updating more often. If I am moving though it may be a while because I will need to pack and there is ALOT to pack. I will keep you all updated though on how we are doing and when/if we are moving. THANKS for being supportive of us and offering prayers.


L L (skyangel) said...

A move always sounds like a great idea! A fresh start etc...

Love all the pics of your little girls. She is such a talented is great that she got involved at such a young age.

Kathy's Korner said...

I have to say I'm not surprised at all that your little monkey is a gymnastics whiz!!! :D Is she still hanging off the door handles?

She is just a doll without any doubt

stephanie garcia said...

She's beautiful! And her gymnastics skills are amazing for her age!