Wednesday, April 02, 2008

First Time At Day Care

Well Asha is attending her very first day care and it is an amazing facility. It kills me to have to leave her but leaving her in such a wonderful place does make it alot easier.

Asha is attending day care because I got myself a part time job. I may also get another part time job if a friend of mine needs me to do the books for her business.

Asha is doing pretty well with the whole day care thing but has been more clingy and even had to sleep with me last night. She kept waking up crying for me and she was like that most of last night too. She couldn't bare to be away from me. I hope tonight is better.

She does get upset when I have to leave and they have to peel her off of me but by the time I pick her up she is having a great time and talks about day care all night. She does have alot of fun and it's more of a school situation than a day care. They have a curriculum and she gets report cards twice a year and they have parent teacher conferences. I am so impressed with this place that I tell everyone I can about it.

She only goes for 5 hours a day so it's not that bad and since she does have so much fun that makes it easier to leave her. If I picked her up and she had been crying or just couldn't wait to leave then I would be worried and it would be alot harder to leave her there.

So to wrap up we are doing well and keeping VERY busy. We have something going on almost every day after work and day care so I apologize if I don't blog much especially with summer coming. I will try but I can't gurantee much.


Pep said...

Mandy - So glad to hear Asha is having a positive day care experience! See....there are really good facilities out there where the children are well cared for, given the opportunity to learn so much and truly are happy interacting and socializing with newfound friends. She is definitely at a good age for it! Keeping up with you - reading your posts... just been preoccupied with things life is throwing at me! Hugs - Pep

L L said...

congrats on the job! And Asha will just continue to flourish at sounds like a really great place!

Mindy said...

Best wishes with the job situation! Praying for you guys.