Sunday, April 06, 2008

We're Moving!

Apparently I've used this title before but we are indeed moving again. I can't afford our house and since we are trying to sell it and no one has even looked at it yet I am going to move out and let my soon to be ex husband rent it until it sells. This way I will be able to save up some money and hopefully in 2 years move back to this wonderful little town and buy a nice little house for me and Asha.

For now I have to move us about 20 minutes away because the rent is cheaper and there are more places to choose from. The funny part is is that we are moving into J's (husband) apartment that he is moving out of. I thought this best because Asha has been there and she is familiar with it so it won't be such a big change for her. Plus my in laws live in the same building and Asha will love having her grandma and papa so close. They also watch their other grand daughter alot so the girls can play more than they get to now. They are less than a year apart in age so they have so much fun together.

It is a nice 3 bedroom apartment in a 4 plex. It has a garage, a patio, washer/dryer hookups, and a nice little side yard for Asha to play. Everything is included in the rent except electric and then of course cable and internet but it will really help me to save some money. My goal is to get us back to this town in time for Asha to start school. It is one of the best schools in the state and I really want her to go here.

I am excited but it is going to be a busy few weeks. We are moving in a week and a half but I am slowly taking boxes of stuff over since J isn't living there now. He will have all of his stuff out this coming weekend and I get to move in the next weekend. My biggest worry is where to fit everything. I am taking a house full of stuff and trying to fit it into an apartment. It should be cozy that's for sure. Thankfully it has a garage that I can store stuff in I just might have to park outside which isn't the end of the world.

Wish me luck ladies but it should be a great new start to my great new life. Asha's too because that girl is my life and everything I do is obviously for her.


Mindy said...

Best wishes with the move. You have a great attitude about all of this.


Pep said...

Mandy - You're doing so good! I am so proud of you! :-) Miss chatting with you. Perhaps we can do that sometime soon. Love, Pep

Pep said...

PS ...tell Mindy I miss her! I haven't been able to access her blog.

L L said...

Best wishes! You and Asha are in my prayers as you move and go through this new adventure...together and with God!

Mandy said...

Thanks everyone!! I wasn't expecting so many messages so soon after posting. It will be nice to be in a place that is just me and Asha and has no memories of family times like our home does. It will be just mine and Asha's home. She will have some memories from there but I won't have any so it's a fresh start!!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

If you are moving my way, ARE YOU???? let me know, and also let me know if you need anything...