Sunday, April 20, 2008

We are Still Here!!

Moving is so tiring especially when you do the bulk of it on your own. I had a few guy friends who were able to help me out on Saturday morning and my wonderful father in law put my bed together while my mother in law distracted me for a while in her apartment. If I haven't told you before I am living in the same building as my in laws. I know people are probably cringing at that but they are wonderful and I think I am really going to like it. My mother in law just called me a little while ago to make sure Asha and I were home and safe. I had to pick Asha and her brother up from her dad's this afternoon so she just wanted to make sure we made it home safe and sound.

Anyway I got off topic there but my father in law came and put my bed together which is insanely heavy and rearranged my living room for me and carried in the last cabinet all by himself all in like half an hour. All those things would have taken me all day to do. It helped so much and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. I hope I never loose them which could happen with the divorce. They are the only family I have and I love them so much!!

I should be unpacking the office right now but instead I am updating all of you. We are loving the new place alot and Asha seems very comfortable here. I made sure to have her room all ready for her and the house is pretty much together. The office turned into the catch all room so that will take some time but other than that we are ready to start our new lives together. I love it when Asha says this is mommy and Asha's house. The other place there was too much of a connection with her dad but this place is just ours and it sounds good to hear that it is just our place.

I am having so much fun putting things where I want and not having to debate with someone about where things should go. I know I've said that before but it is just so freeing to be able to make decisions on your own and not have to worry about someone else's opinion.

I did get irritated on Friday because my soon to be ex husband tried to help by bringing a few things for me and I just didn't like that he put things where he "thought" they should go. I didn't want his opinion in anything having to do with my new place and even though he was trying to help I just wanted it to be all me and my decision. He also brought some things that I wasn't planning on keeping so it made a little more work for me because I had to take it back to the other house.

Well I have work tomorrow and I should get to bed. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying wonderful weather. This weekend here was gorgeous and I can't wait for more days like today.