Saturday, April 12, 2008

No Pics Again Sorry!!

I have been really bad lately about not posting pictures. We've just been so busy that I haven't found the time to even pick up the camera plus Asha has been sick and not much in the mood to pose for me.

I promise as soon as she is feeling better and our life slows down a little I will get back to taking pictures and posting them.

Our life should slow down after next week. I am loving my job and they love me and have chosen to give me the morning shift from 8 to 1. It will be so nice to have the afternoon with Asha and time to actually plan and cook a meal instead of the rush rush meals I've been doing these last few weeks. I think it will be a nicer slower pace for both of us to not have to break up our day with me going to work and then picking her up from day care and having to run to gymnastics and my Tuesday night meeting.

Moving is going well. I took another load over today and got almost every thing I had over there unpacked and started to assemble the desk I bought for my computer. I am taking another load over tomorrow after church and then will unpack that right away and work on the desk some more. My new hours will also give me lots of time in the afternoon to load up my van for the next day and give me time to unload and unpack. We will be all moved in by next Saturday. We are really liking it there and Asha didn't want to leave tonight. I wish I would have had my camera because her 2 cousins were over at my in laws house so the girls both came down and played with Asha while I unpacked. Asha had so much fun and it's really going to be nice that she gets to see her cousins more often.

Well I've got more packing to do or maybe I'll head to be. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Mindy said...

This is all great news...job is going well and Asha loves her new home closer to her cousins! Blessings all around!

Love ya...have a good weekend!


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

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